Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Hunters of wisdom

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2013 was a very intense year for me. It was tough and unpredictable.
My roommates and myself we survived a zombie attack (literally) and we had to move fast.
I dealt with a tsunami of emotions from dearest friends and dance partners going away,
death of loved ones. An injury that I had for 3 years exploded leaving me in crutches
(when I had to be carrying boxes) and closing the year of the serpent with three weeks of fever.
However, I had very beautiful experiences as well.

I didn't write. I didn't dance. Didn't paint as much as I normally do. I was simply not expecting this result.
I spent most of my time dealing with mundane transactions of basic survival.
We all have had this kind of year where all the planets are not in our favor. We learn to be small.
There was a point where I frankly confessed: "I won't fight".
So ready I was to go towards my mother's arms. Take shelter in her casita (house) in the blue Mexican caribbean. Just wanted to be hugged and go swim with my little brother and drink a coconut in the white sand. Quit to the whole institution of the United Scares of America

The Mahabharata is said to be the longest poem in the world. About one hundred thousand verses.
The Bhagavad Gita is part of this epic poem. Is a conversation between Arjuna and Sri Krishna in the middle of the battle field, in the middle of the heat of the commencement of war.  The only way to understand the tension where this conversation happened is imagining the angry shouting of warriors, the nervous neighing of horses and elephants. Amidst hate and fear! and this unreasonable amount of adrenaline sounding in the ears...  imagine yourself needing to fight like a mad man! No time for doubt.
This dialogue is what is known as the Bhagavad-Gita and the only way to read it is sweating.

... and just there in the peak of horror: Arjuna (the foe-consuming, the never-slothful) had spoken to Sri Krishna (the ruler of the senses):
- "I will not fight"
and was silent.
Sri Krishna smiled and said:
 "What is this weakness? It is beneath you.
Is it for nothing men call you the foe-consumer?
Shake off this cowardice, Arjuna. Stand up!"

There is so much beauty and goodness to drink from this epic poem, I will share only two concepts that became my crutches:

"If you refuse to fight this righteous war, you will be turning aside from your duty."

And for the mother who are about to give birth:  fight.
And for the sick of cancer who are about to get chemotherapy: fight
And for the entrepreneur, the businessman, the writer, the cook, the teacher, the designer, the dancer, the monastic, the engineer
or just for a daily smile, a positive state of mind... therefore we must go into battle.

My understanding of this poem is that we are not -the nature of the duty-. Our true nature is "That inmost reality which is indestructible". The rest is impermanent.
All these collections of duties are always changing in the flow of our life. They are the platforms, the catalyst to achieve a higher state of mind (wisdom).
We are luminous beings working in a series of mundane duties in the sake of wisdom.
We are hunters of wisdom:

Be even-tempered in success and failure.

I'm writing now from a victorious position,
from where calm and solidity make my new home cozy-warm, secure.
It is more easy to talk about "detachment and even-tempered". I wish I had had more wisdom in 2013. 
I know that there will be more 2013 (hopefully not soon), there will be more death, farewells, fear, zombies and my body is getting old every nanosecond. This is unavoidable.
Learning to take things serenely and keep up with the fight, unattached, is hunting wisdom.

"Stand up now Arjuna and resolve to fight.
 Realize that pleasure and pain,
gain and loss, victory and defeat are all one and the same.
You should not grieve for what is unavoidable.
A serene spirit accepts pleasure and pain with an even mind and is unmoved by either,
therefore you must fight!"

For the victory of 2013 I want to thank:
Andrew Wolf, Jason  Ling, James Beatty, Royita, Nadia, Franelita, Iwen, Janett, Dale
(long list of books and holly virtuous beings)
and the Bhagavad Gita.

I dedicate this post to Mayra Enriquez


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